10 – The GOAT Asks an Important Question

I’m phoning this one in today. I had a long day at work, it’s the first day with a temperature below freezing, and I’m just really cold and tired.

That said, I cannot neglect my duty to you, reader, so I’ve prepared a short post for today.

Here’s a little tidbit you may not know. Back in 2013, when the world had yet to discover the Ball family or know the wrath of the Great Ebola Outbreak, a wonderful song and equally wonderful music video took YouTube by storm. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis became a smash hit and the best song of the year by far. If this had won a VMA as it should have, Kanye wouldn’t have dared interrupt the group’s acceptance speech.

I forget how I originally found out about the video (it may have been through 9GAG), but I was super glad I had. After watching it for the first time I made sure to share it with a bunch of people I knew. I continued to watch it again and again. Everything about it is totally on brand with content I typically enjoy. I like the song so much that I bought a copy of it on iTunes and even added it to the 26 songs of the “Emergency Playlist” on my phone (also known as the only songs on my phone).

Unbeknownst to me, someone was keeping tabs on my browsing history. Close to the end of 2013, I received this email from YouTube:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 21.54.46

Just think about that for a moment. YouTube thinks that I’m a trend setter! I’m not sure if they do yearly recaps like this anymore, or if they still send out these sorts of emails at year’s end, but it made me excited before briefly considering how it could possibly be an invasion of privacy that Google tracks what you watch on YouTube and when you watch it.

It’s probably best not to dwell on that last bit. Just keeping thinking of me as Jacob the Trend Setter. And, while I have you here, enjoy this rendition of the Grammy-worthy hit.

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