Who Is Jacob?


Why did I have to title this page with a question that even I sometimes have trouble answering? When asked to describe myself, I’ll often pause and try to sift through my whole life story to try to piece together an answer. I probably should have called this page “Jacob Is The Man” instead, put up a picture of me doing something awesome, and called it a day.

Alas, while I do consider myself to be “The Man,” I don’t feel that that would be an adequate explanation of this particular author. Entertaining and easy for sure, but not very informative. I can only assume that you, the reader, are after a more thorough description of who I am, hence you landing on this page. Because I respect all of the guests on my website, I will do my best here to oblige you…

It was a dark and stormy night (actually a pretty average summer morning in 1993). Not one to simply meet expectations, Jacob Albrecht made quite the entrance into this world as he was born a month earlier than his original due date. As he grew, Jacob continued to play life by his own rules. When his coach in Little League told him how to hold a bat, Jacob scoffed at the idea of being told what to do and swung the lumber his own way. When told that he’d look out of place if he didn’t wear a suit and tie, Jacob came to the party in a (pretty sweet) argyle sweater. When given advice that it was probably a bad idea to major in Creative Writing in college, Jacob accepted the challenge head-on. Now, not all of his ventures have been successful, but they’ve all been memorable.
Jacob Albrecht was also certifiably the cutest baby.
From humble beginnings as a baby in a rocking chair I have risen to become a full grown man writing this caption in an office chair.
In the present day, Jacob spends most of his days working as an Editor in the world of Pharmaceutical Advertising, and spends most of his nights working on his New York Times bestselling debut novel. When not doing either of those things, Jacob enjoys walking around New York City, reading books, playing racquetball, and searching for the best bagel in the New York tri-state area (he has some ideas). There’s a lot more to Jacob than meets the eye.

I think that’s a pretty concise answer to the question this page posits. Do you think you could have described me better? Did you find a typo? Are you my long-lost wealthy second uncle who’s come to leave me your inheritance? If so, or if you’d just like to say “hi,” write me at Jacob@JacobAlbrecht.com, or use the contact form here to send your message.